It allows you for G2 Road Test in ” 8 month ” from the date you got G1. Since this is a MTO approved and industry recognized course, you may
qualify for auto insurance discount depending upon the which insurance company you are dealing With

Our courses are available year-round, so you can start at any time. To find out more about availability, please contact us using the contact details from our website.

        We offer a variety of training programs, with our most popular course being a Ministry-approved Beginner Driver Education program that includes       E-learning and in-car training to ensure a seamless learning experience.

             At Green Star, we take the quality of driver education very seriously and invest in our driving instructors to ensure that our students receive the best possible education. Our instructors are required to complete a specific number of classroom and on-road education hours to ensure that they are delivering high-quality education to our students. We also conduct annual driver’s abstracts on all instructors and a criminal record search every three years to maintain our high standards.

      After you have finished your driver education and confirming with the school, you will need to go to any Service Ontario and ask for a driving history to obtain a copy of your certificate

     Yes, you can pay half of the course fee to start E-Link Online lesson and the other half on your 1st in-car lesson.   
           To book a road test, you may visit  www.drivetest.ca , You may also purchase either package ” Gold , Platinum or VIP ” and have your instructor take care of the booking process.
    The On Line E-Link course can be completed in one week. Depending on you, the online course will allow you to complete up to 5 hours a day,

                 As Long you have a G1 License, you may start your in-car training whenever you’ re ready , MTO give you one year to complete the full course        (In-Car & On Line) in order to be eligible for certification.

You must complete all of the requirements ( online & in car ) for certification within one year of your starting date.

            New drivers who earn their BDE certification may be eligible for a Insurance discount , depending on the area you live in, make, model, color and age of your car, and any other factors that your insurance company takes into account when rating your insurance quote. The Driver’s License History (DLH) provides proof of successful completion of and graduation from a Beginner Driver’s Education (BDE) course. The DLH is widely recognized by the insurance industry .

             The full course program consists of 30 hours of online theory instruction and 10 hours of in-vehicle training. These are the Ministry requirements for certification eligibility.

             If you took the course after September 2008, your course completion gets forwarded to the MTO and added to your Driver’s License History (DLH). You can go to any Service Ontario location they print you a copy of your DLH.

           We’re in the business as an instructor for over 22 years. Our instructors are licensed by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and re-evaluated by the company owner every year. Our team is determined to provide the best service to our students. Our instructors are professional, patient, friendly, and take the time to help each student learn at their own pace and comfort level.

 The safety of our students and their satisfaction is our top priority, and we are here for them every step of the way. Our phone lines are open from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and our office staff are just as friendly, professional and dedicated to providing excellent customer service as our instructors on the road. 

         Your certification will be processed once the 30 hours of online theory and 10 hours of in-vehicle training is completed. These are  Ministry requirements for certification eligibility. Please check with our office to confirm your certification has been processed prior to going to Service Ontario to pick up your Driver’s License History (DLH).

         We cover most of surrounding areas of Toronto, We can also facilitate a pick-up from the subway. If you’re in our reach area then we can Pick & Drop from home. Because of high construction and traffic, we want to pick you up from a better location that saves time for you and the instructor so you don’t waste time in traffic and spend productive time behind wheel.

         Green Star Driving School puts our students first, trying to keep prices as low as possible. All driving schools that are approved by the (MTO) Ministry of Transportation provide the same certificate upon course completion; and no schools can offer a greater or lesser insurance deductible. we invest much less in advertising in comparison to other driving schools. The majority of advertising is done through word of mouth, and we are very thankful for the recommendations we have received from past students and their parents. Green Star Driving School is well known for producing strong and confident drivers, we are a well-respected driving school with a strong reputation.

        Yes you can use the instructor’s car for an additional cost depending on which test center you choose to go to. We strongly recommend opting to use your instructor’s vehicle for the road test as students will feel most comfortable driving the car that they have learned in. Additionally Green Star Driving School Instructors has been in business for more than 20 years and our driving instructors are very experienced with road test centers routs. We are known by examiners to bring our students for their tests only once they are ready to hit the road in real life. This helps the examiner to feel more comfortable in the car with a novice driver.

      Our E-Learning Course is a flexible independent study option that allows students to work at their own pace. The course consists of a series of modules containing videos, slideshows, interactive materials and quizzes along the way to check the students progress. There is no set schedule for E-Learning; students may begin the course at any time. 

  Our Beginner Driver Education course consists of 30 hours of online theory course, and 10 hours driving in the car.

        Every individual learns at a different pace. Our mission goes beyond the passing of the road test. We want you to be comfortable and safe on the road. Our instructor will continue to evaluate your progress at every lesson and will advise you if extra lessons are required.

Yes, All of our instructors are certified by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario

      YES, Green Star is fully certified. We are a Ministry-Approved BDE course provider. All ministry approved driving schools are listed on the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) website, you can find our driving school as MTO approved BDE course provider.

        Yes, you can start your course without the G1 license only for your On-Line part. But for your in-car instructions,
you must have your G1 license.

         You can reach out to us using the contact details available on our website. Alternatively, you can use the contact form, and one of our experts will
get back to you to assist you with your concerns.

      Drive tests take place year-round. They are sometimes affected by weather, power outages, emergencies and traffic issues. A service disruption may cause you to miss or arrive late for your exam. In this situation you must pay Re-attempt road test service fee $100, if you want to go again for the road test with your in-car instructor and use the vehicle for the rescheduled road test by Green star driving school We apologize for any financial inconvenience it may cause. Our instructors are paid by our driving school for their devoted time and delivered service regardless of the fact that the road test did not take Place.

No Show & Late cancelation :
             If you want to cancel or Reschedule your appointment for any reason Please let the instructor know 48 hour in advance Otherwise $60 per Hour         “No Show Fee ” will be charged.

Late Road Test 

      If test center is late for “Road Test” for any reason then “$60 per Hour fee” will be charged, because Instructor has to cancel his next appointment to stay with you.

      You have to obtain your “Driver’s License History” from Service Ontario. That document is proof of certification.

       The minimum requirements is 30 hours online &  10 hours in-vehicle for a MTO approved BDE course. The average time to complete the entire program    is about One to Two weeks. You must complete the entire course within one year.

          Course fee is non refundable. Full course packages are eligible for a refund within 10 days of purchase. $100 non refundable registration fee inclusive. However no refund is available once the course has started. You must complete your course within year time.

Contact us today to learn more and start your journey toward becoming a safe and responsible driver!
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